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Become a Coordinator

Site Coordinator Job Description

Looking for a Fun, Energetic, Organized individual to help run a 18-39 social league in their area. 

Areas of interest to start a league: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Northern Arizona (Flagstaff/Prescott), El Paso TX, Las Cruces

•Attend one phone or in-person meeting before the season

•Arrive 15 minutes early each night

•Give court assignments (we provide you with schedule and team rosters)

•Hand out SWAG

•Take scorecards after each night

•Be friendly, energetic and welcoming to all players

•Lead players to the bar/resturant after each night of matches

To Become a Coordinator in your area contact Ashley Portwood at


FREE Registration

Site Coordinator kit with all materials you need

$300 Stipend/portable speaker

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