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What are the rules to Sets in the City?
Click here to go to the rules page!
Who can play in the league?
If you’re between the ages of 18 - 39 for Sets in the City OR 40+ for 40 Love, are available during the day and time of your chosen location, want to play a little tennis, are socially accepted, have some form of transportation ie. car, motorcycle, moped, an awesome 10 speed bike, your mom’s carpool, or if you’re an excellent cross country runner, come on down!
Do I have to have previous tennis experience to play in the league?
We don’t care if you only signed up for the girls or if you play tennis all the time.
Do I have to be single?
It has been asked before and NO you do not need to be single. We have plenty of married couples who hate playing with each other competitively that finally have a place to play together for fun! But if you are single, Sets in the City is a lovely place to meet a fellow single-and-lookin-to-mingle and the best part is -  you already have tennis in common! Yay!
How many matches do we play each season?
The regular season runs for 6 weeks plus a player party/tennis fun night.
How much does it cost again?
League fees vary but never exceed $35. You spend more on a night out at the bars… don’t lie.
What does my registration fee get me exactly?
For the low price of less than or equal to $35, you will get: facility/league fee, tennis balls, 6 match season, facility coordinators (be nice to them…you never know when they might give you free stuff!), a player gift, specials and discounts, and an end of season player's party.
How do I sign up?
You can register online under the big REGISTER tab on our website. You can register as a team or as a lone wolf in search of a wolf pack. If you are registering as a team, email your local league coordinator (their info is on the registration page) and we will give you a team ID that your whole team needs to use to sign up!
What if I’m a loner and don’t technically have a team, but I want to play so bad I'll do anything?!
We will definitely take you… but you’ll be labeled as a lone wolf. When you register without a team, you will be thrown into the lone wolf pound, but don't you worry - we will help you find your wolf pack.
How many players are on a team?
You need at least 6 players on your team (3 men and 3 women.) The maximum number of players you can have on a team is endless! Invite all of frat row, your entire office wing, those people that sleep on the light rail, feel free to get creative!
What if we only have 2 guys and 2 girls available? Can we still play our match?
If you listened to us in our previous answer, you would have 500 people on your team so availability should never be an issue. However, on the off chance that frat row is recovering from the night before, your office wing is on vacation, or your friends from the light rail missed their stop, you can still play with 2 guys and 2 girls. If 2 guys and 2 girls are not present 15 minutes after your scheduled match time, you will be forced to forfeit buuuuuuut after that the other team can loan you players for a scrimage.
What if I don’t own a racquet? Can I still play?
Of course you can! However, we might laugh at you behind your back, TP your car, and broadcast to the entire league that you signed up for a tennis league with no racquet... We will have some fancy shmancy demo racquets on site that you will be able to use for the low price of free!
Can I register without a credit/debit card?
It is 2015... Who doesn’t have a credit/debit card?! If you’re still kickin’ it old school and carry around a check book, or if your bank account is a duffel bag of money you shove underneath a mattress, we can make other arrangements.
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