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Rules & Regulations

Gotta know the rules!!


Captains are responsible for making sure everyone on their team knows the rules! But... if you need a good laugh, I would suggest you read these pretty hilarious rules! Even if you're not the best player out there - at least you'll be the smartest! So, go ahead and read the terms & conditions and look over the player waiver. We know you can't resist!

Team Format

  • 1 Men’s Singles, 1 Women’s Singles

  • 1 Men’s Doubles, 1 Women’s Doubles

  • 2 Mixed Doubles

  • Singles plays first, then doubles, mixed last

  • Each team match gets 2 courts


Warm up

  • First 5 minutes of the 40 minute match, with your opponent


Game Scoring

  • World Team Tennis-ish Format

  • No-ad scoring

  • Lets will not be played

  • First to 6 games or when 40 minutes is up (time includes warmup)

  • Change sides every 4 games

  • Nine- point tiebreaker will be played at five games all in any set

  • Mixed has to serve gender to gender at deuce

  • Teams get a point for each game won by their team in a set



  • A sub can be put in at any time during the set (same gender)

  • If a sub occurs in doubles, the remaining player cannot change the side on which they receive or the service order

  • You can sub as many times as you want in a set, but cannot sub back in players that were already playing in that set


Service Order

  • Home team serves first in all doubles

  • Visiting serves first in all singles


Nine-Point Tiebreaker

  • Will be played at 5 games all in any set

  • Person next to serve begins tiebreaker

  • Each player serves two points starting from deuce side

  • Change sides after first four points

  • First team to score 5 points wins the tiebreaker

  • If tiebreaker reaches 4-4, the person who served the 8th point serves the last

  • Receiver chooses side, except mixed has to be gender to gender



  • A coin will decide which team serves first

  • 13-point supertiebreaker

  • Choose any two players to play mixed doubles

  • Treated as a new set, subs are allowed

  • Either player on serving team can serve first

  • Positions may also be changed during this time

  • Each player serves two points

  • Change sides after the first six points

  • If 6-6 the server that served the 12th points serves the last

  • Counts as one game in match scoring

  • First team to 7 points wins

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